Two Day Class: Thursday & Friday - for children 2 1/2 to 3 years old by Sept 1st. 

The chief challenge for the two-year-old class is mastering separation and learning to be in a group. Two-year-olds are affectionate and very egocentric. They are true beginners. Many have not dealt with peers or a group or a new adult to trust. They are just starting to learn  how to climb, jump and use their body.

The two-year-old class learns how to follow a simple schedule, cooperate, and learn names. For the most part play is independent and parallel. The beginning of the day is often the most challenging for two-year-olds as they adjust to separating from their caregivers and learn to be members of a larger group. 

Most of our morning is set aside for free play with students are allowed to move about the room and find activities that are developmentally appropriate. From the kitchen to the easel to the perfectly  cozy reading corner, two- year-olds learn by doing. Our day also includes music, stories, snack and playground time.

Children must be potty aware and in pull-ups

3 Day Class: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, 8:15 to 12:15 - for children 3 years to 3 1/2 years old by September 1st

Three-year-olds are more talkative, inquisitive,  and imaginative.  Our three-year-old class learns how to cooperate with friends, take turns, and communicate with friends and teachers.  

Our schedule is similar to the two day class.  Children are more actively engaged in playing with each other and teachers assist in helping children  negotiate, be patient, and be considerate.  Class-size is limited to 10 children and his ideal for children who need more one on one attention.

Children in the three day class should be fully potty trained, without the use of pull-ups.